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Put text on photo / image fast and free

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  • App features:
  • ✓ Add text to your photos free, requires no account, no login, no registration
  • ✓ Upload the photo from your device or choose it from our library
  • ✓ Write your own text, moto or favorite phrase
  • ✓ Modify the text, change the color, font size or position
  • ✓ Make text look like as a watermark (transparency-opacity)
  • ✓ Apply text shadow effects
  • ✓ Preview your creation in a new tab on your browser
  • ✓ Download your work in its original size
  • ✓ Download your work in size that fits the screen of your (mobile) device
  • ✓ Save your work in the newest Portable Network Graphics (.png) format
  • ✓ Maybe the fastest app in its category
  • ✓ Easy to use

About: This online application lets you easily and quickly add / put text on the html5 canvas which contains a photo, picture or any image, for free.
It is implemented using only client-side javascript and html code and this makes it the fastest app for this purpose. The text can be modified by color, font size, position and other effects. It additionally provides the ability to open the canvas image with the added text in a new window / tab and the ability to download the canvas creation on most browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.
Opening or downloading the canvas image can be in the original image size (resolution), or in the size that fits to screen width.
Next step for the app will be the ability to create multiple text objects on the image and save the canvas image on the server using server-side code.