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Free-List.org - hereinafter referred to as "The website" - is not in any way responsible for the content of Classifed Ads its users publish. Users themselves-readers of Ads should be especially careful and cautious for the ads they read and respond.
"The website" enables communication between users, but does not participate in any way, nor it guarantees their transactions. Financial services are not offered, no protection is offered to buyers, nor sellers certification.

"The website" reserves the right to decide whether a Classified Ad is consistent with the Terms of Use and its spirit and removes it otherwise.
    Classified Ads Publishing Rules:

  • Goods and / or services offered or requested must comply with any applicable laws and regulations in the country.
  • Ad publishing for promotional or advertising reasons only, e.g. without offering specific goods or services is prohibited.
  • Ads without descriptive titles and full description text are not allowed. One-word titles, descriptions with only a few words or references only to phone numbers do not constitute sufficient information for Ad publication.
  • You may create a single Ad for any good or service and publish it in one city / region and in one category / subcategory. Duplicate Ads even in different cities / regions or multiple categories or subcategories are not allowed .
  • Misleading or fake Ads, that are unrealistic, either in title / description, or in the photos, are not permitted. Ads that are posted in wrong category or subcategory, are considered as invalid and are not allowed. Additionally, Classifieds Ads should always be registered with a valid and active Email.
  • Ads with offensive, libelous or racist content are not allowed.
  • Ad posting in "Personal" category is restricted to persons over the age of 18 years old.
  • The photos attached to the posted Ads should correspond to reality and not to infringe copyrights of others.
  • The only allowed language for writing your Ads is the English language. Also, writing in capital letters should be avoided because it is uncomfortable for other users that read your Ads.
    Users Policy:

  • "The website" reserves the right to disable or delete permanently: a) Accounts of registered users and b) all Ad Registations of registered or non-registered users, if these users do not comply with the Terms of Use, without prior notice.
  • Accounts of registered users may be disabled automatically, or even permanently deleted after warning, in case of prolonged non-use of our system (not having logged in).
  • Any user may create one (1) active account or up to two (2) active accounts if there is a special reason to do so, and only if the Ads that are posted with these accounts are different between each other (see above the Classified Ads Publishing Rules).
  • The Registered users must keep and not disclose their password to anybody and are responsible for any damages arising from illegal or harmful use of their account, even if that use is made ​​of third malicious users who have stolen the login details of their account. The passwords of the users should be very strong, should have at least eight (8) characters length and contain small and capital letters, numbers and special symbols.
  • Users / registrants of Ads accept receiving messages from "The website" on behalf of other users who respond to their Ads.
  • Users accept receiving informative messages from "The website" relating to the services offered.
  • Users agree not to abuse the services offered. Mass Ad posting (spamming) and especially Ad posting of duplicate Ads, is considered as an abuse of our services and offers nothing new to the other users.
  • "The website" reserves the right to disclose users' data (emails, IP addresses) to third parties involved or affected in the case where these users, violating the Terms of Use, proven expose or defame any third party.

Using our services and browsing our website pages means automatic acceptance of the Terms of Use of the "The website".
The Terms of Use may change in the future.

Last Updated: 16/03/2013

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